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Anyone know what our Max AA count as of HOT is?

Started by Mordeb42, February 02, 2011, 07:55:30 PM

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Not counting expendables. 

I was just wondering my bst hit 5kaa last night, and I was curious if I had time to finish all my AAs this spring.


Just shy of 7k without expendables, you can get the 7k AA achievement if you buy them.
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7023 with glyphs bought, 6989 without glyphs I'm pretty sure.


Thanks, that is a lot more than I thought I had left. 


I'm at 6400 and based on calculating, I figured around 7k as well.


Jeez, only 5k to get with this years exac heading towards me faster than aa's are :/

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Just maxed out my aa's last night 7003 total.


I have a spreadsheet for the AA but it's only up to UF and doesn't even have all of them. I just haven't had the time to fill it in any further. I can e-mail it to anyone who might have more time to finish it up if they would like. I also have my beta logs to give a bit more info if needed.