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Kron's RK 3 Fixed

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So they can fix the charm But not the stacking problems while they have the codeing up? WTF over.

Unrelated.  The charm thing was changing a line in spell data.  The stacking is an actual coding issue.  The designers can do one.  They can't do the other.

In beta I suggested they just remove the kron's maelstrom gaze and have kron's maelstrom chance fire directly on the initial cast.  This would make all the damage instant and we wouldn't even have to worry about stacking or wasting debuff slots.  I think it's worth bringing up again; don't monks still complain about their 5 point palm not stacking with kron's?  Necros are complaining about debuff slots more and more, these random useless debuffs on mobs are part of the problem.

As another note (from beta, I don't think it's different now) the 4th nuke that gets fired from kron's maelstrom doesn't get picked up on parsers because it fires from that 1-tick debuff, so for whatever reason that damage doesn't get assigned to us.

 ya they really need tog et this fixed its turning as great spell into more of a down side spell. for more then just us.

Ya, the charm was someone's data-entry goof...which is why it only affected rank 3 of the spell.

The doom effect was moved from slot 1 to slot 2 on Kron's Maelstrom Gaze, which should remove us from the monk's Five Point Palm issue, so far as I know. The monks problem of overwriting each others Five Point Palm remains, of course.

Of course, slot 2 has its own conflicts, so expect the bards (Funeral Dirge AA) to be complaining soon, if they haven't already.


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