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YaY! I am in

Started by Barmace, January 05, 2012, 04:20:33 PM

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EQ2 was a very sour game to me without my beloved Beastlord.

I bought the expansion and as promised so many years ago I would play EQ2 if it had Beastlord.  I wanted to say Hello and that I am glad to be back.

Beastlard 41 Beastlord Barbarian with 75AA (EQ2)

Chossen 65 Beastlord Barbarian (EQ1)


Awesome!  How's the class?


A few things that you need to know.
1. you have 2 stance
let me explain
an Aggressive stance called Feral Stance.  I have 4 powers that will increase my Savagery.  When I have enough Savagery I can unleash 4 powers on an enemy
a Defensive Stance called Spirital Stane - I have 4 powers that will increase my Savagery.  When I have enough Savagery I can unleash 4 powers on an enemy

so they sound almost the same? but they are not.  as I was levelling I got different powers but I found I could only use half (they either say helps build savagery or you have to have enought savagery to use it) of my powers?  I asked around and found out that of my 16 new power I can only use 1/2 of them depending on my stance.  I said OH!!!

So I have been in Feral stance the whole time and changed to Spirital stance and VWALA all my other powers worked.

Feral = attack massive damage
Spirital = healing me and my party with some damage on the target

IMHO Spirital is ok it is nice in a tigh spot but not really as fun for me as Feral

Very important to know this that you have a savagery bar with 4 boxes on 1 side and 6 on the other.  You have to swap out the powers when you change stances. 

I did have it be able to right click and change the power to my stance but it didn't stick :(

so before I change stances I just refill the savage bar with what power I need for the stance.  It is very easy because you can not put a savagery 1 power in the 4th box it has to go in the first box.  DUH! but easy for little ol me.

I really REALLY hate to hunt alone (I am on Crushbone if you want to know) so I was about to give up at about level 42 but I decided I would try out a mercenary.

I AM SO GLAD I DID.  I was dying alot because spirital would not give me enough heals and Feral would not do enough damage. 

I went to the area (for me it was Quenos) and found I could have my choice of 5 different classes.  I will try to remember monk, swashbuckler, wizard, templar, paladin.  there may have been more but at level 42 it cost me 50 gold up front and 50 silver per 30 minutes.

I thought that was alot of money so I just took 1 the templar.  HE WAS GREAT.  It was a level 42 like me and he would heal me first before he would heal himself.  VERY great to have him.  I went into dungeons with no problem and there was an instance that had a 49 ^^^* and he killed me 3 times but on the 4rth try I threw templar, myself and my pet on him and we killed him no problem.  He was the hardest to do and I was 47 at the time.

Well I will write more when I get a change.  I really love my BL!!!

if you are not playing know, this I can carry all my pets on me and I can use them at will 1 at a time.  I really like that since I have my choice of 15 different pets. I currently use the Ape right now.  my funny one is the turtle.

Beastlard 50 Beastlord with 100AA's (EQ2)
Chossen 65 Beastlord Barbarian (EQ1_