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Hey everyone.

Forums have been a bit dead lately, and now that the holidays are over and the expansion has been out a while I wanted to check and see if you all think we have any major issues. 

I don't have all the new AAs yet etc...but to me it feels like I'm always out of mana now...
About any bigger issues, one thing that comes to my mind is I'd like our nukes to have a resist mod on the cold nukes...or a passive AA like the other one we got for poison/disease. They seem to get more resists from what I've noticed.

Other than that, I think our new pet guard spell (beastwood rampart), since HoT sucks compared to using older ones.

Wasn't there an issue where the bard Aria of the composer was making the flurry mod useless on Kolos fury /Nature's fury, and the bard song is constant? Last I heard our disc was geting changed because it was somehow bugged...My one concern about that is if they make it useless.

We could use more burst dps  :-) Even max burning mana we aren't dropping damage too fast to raise an eyebrow..other than that...I can't think of anything else very major. Maybe someone else can?

If you've bought the level 95 upgrade to Playing Possum and delevel, you lose the ability to FD entirely until you relevel. Should have expected that, I guess.

Waited for todays patch to be sure, but it's still true.

Cheetah's Pounce still interacts with the Banker veteran AA. This was reported in early beta and still hasn't been fixed. Fortunately, I don't care much about having the banker available, but it's still broken.

Not so much an issue ... but i noticed in about the HoT release time frame that our SE and SV and now Focus group buffs no longer buff our warders when buffing other groups ... why did this change?
I was hoping it would be fixed in VoA.

Makes me less likely to buff another group knowing that i have to cast them again to get my warder.


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