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Started by Hunni, January 25, 2012, 10:14:03 PM

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Hi guys. I am doing research on the first AA's that would be considered "must haves" to try and make my guild boards more up to date. The class forums have long been neglected there and I am doing my best to fix that.

If you were given a max of 1000 AA points to spend, what would be your must haves for them?

I would appreciate any and all help. Thank you very much.


In general, the early expansion ranks have a lot more power than later expansion ranks. I'll assume you know what's fluff and what's not, the advice hasn't changed over the years in that respect. And most of the early advice still applies just doesn't cover the new stuff.

You might find this thread useful:

I'll let you do the counting to 1000....personally, I got stuff expansion by expansion, so a completely different experience.



What AA you buy varies greatly depending on the roles your bsts will play. ~This is only a recommendation~

DPS bst requires melee and spell dmg AA.

Off-tanking bst requires defensives.

Utility bst needs Paragon and support AA

Another question is: Is your guild a raiding guild? If so what content do you raid?
Or does your guild group mainly?

Personally I would get at leat the first 10 levels of CS/CA plus at least max out Combat Fury 3 levels and some spell crit AA. Playing Possum is a very handy AA and not too expensive either. I recommend maxing slippery attacks for those off-hand riposte damage. Also get one of the animal attacks (Bite of the Asp, Gorilla Smash, Raven's Claw) for agro reduction and Chameleon Strike.

I like feral swipe and weapon affinity (who doesn't like extra procs?)

Origin has recently been made into a very nice aa by reducing the recast timer to 12 mins and refunding the aa spent on the reduction AA.

I also recommend getting at least a few pet AA such as pet affinity, pet hold, suspend minion (all 3 levels) and 1 level of hobble (pet snare, I've lived by it). Don't bother with pet shrink. There are too many easy to obtain items with insta-click pet shrink. AND with pet affinity they get shrunk with our group shrink anyway.

Get a few levels of both Paragon and Focused Paragon for their Hp/Mana regen.

Get the natural durability lines as well as the stat cap lines. It really helps the HME.

For the spells: buy mnemonic retention and the buff ext AA.

Lev and invis are highly recommended too. Lev is a no timer buff and is permanent till you die and natural invis in a no-fail invis (but it has a base timer of 15 mins I think) which we have been in desperate need of. Group lev and improved natural invis are group and targetted buffs in that order. Shrink is useful in that you don't need a spell slot but other than that... but we get a group shrink too.

Pact of the Wurine is nice for a little extra hp and attack.

Things to avoid at low AA count:
Higher levels of CS/CA (just too expensive and you'll end up spending 300-400 aa on each line to max them out)
Delay Death too little benefit to justify it (50 unconcious hp per level)
Most of the general AA tab other than HP, Mana or other stat-raising AA
Most healing AA (we're not really a healer class other than pet heals but that's what mercs are for heh)
Most high level pet AA such as defensives and attack. Build up the bst before the pet. (if you can't survive a few hits then neither will your pet)
The fundament lines.

I posted these as recommended AA for those under 1k. Personally I prefer to balance out my bst in 4 catagories: defensives, attack, utility and pet. Maybe 350/350/200/100 as a rough estimate. Remember this is only a ~recommended~ list not a set-in-stone must have list. Each player has their own style and have an idea of how to play their bsts.