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Bug in rest, reprieve, etc is blocking end regen when they are on.


If one of these is on you, you CAN'T regen end over their cap.  With rk3 reprieve on I am stuck at 29% end until it is off.  I hit staunch recovery once with it on and only got 29% end, I have hit it in guild hall and end never goes over 29% until I click it off.  I am sure this is affecting all endurance users and not just us.

That's not really a bug though, since it's working as designed.  The design in that case is poor though, yes.  I can see how they could change reprieve so that Staunch Recovery strips it off, but it will require changes from Sony part.

I'd /bug it in game w/ a request to code Staunch Recovery so that it first checks for HP/mana/endurance caps and removes them.  I just did one as well.

I'm guessing this will take code support, though it should be easy, so it probably won't happen for a matter of months.


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