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New spell line up with ROF part 2

Started by Mazame, April 18, 2013, 07:09:55 PM

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Ok with new AA slow, changes to pet block lines, and new Ice DOT was wondering what spell line up ppl are running for Solo, Group, and raid.

Main questions I seeking answers to are on the pet block thier a 46k for 5 hits or the 21k for 9 hit or are people dropping it all together?

3 dot lines  now with P, D, and Ice. So anyone running all 3 dot or any dots? if so what ones and why or why not?

Also are people using the new cripple for pet or staying with stun ?

Thank in advance.


I was concentrating on the AA lines we were getting that I didn't pay attention to our spells. What all did we get? I'm a group/box player with my warrior taking over as my main.

I always thought of pet block as situational use. Never found a use for it myself but I know others might disagree with me.

With the addition of AA slow I'll drop it in favor of a either a nuke or DoT. Personally when I use DoTs I use all of them.

As far as the pet cripple I'd have to test it out.


AA slow Sha's Reprisal
- pro: independant recast timer from spell slow.
- con: range and duration focuses do not apply. Also, it's rank 2, while most raiders will have rank 3 of the spell version.
For grouping/soloing both range and duration matter, so I've been using the AA version as backup if the spell bounces or to slow a second mob. For raiding, I'll consider just using the AA slow, as duration is not important on an early slow when a shammy is going to overwrite it.

Pet block has always been a special situations spell for me. I don't see the hp limits affecting group play at all.

Re: Dots. Unless you know something special about the mob resists, the cold dot just become one of your better dots any time your playstyle calls for using multiple dots. We've had the ability to stack poison dots for a long time (along with every other class that gets poison dots), so nothing really changed here. In raids, we usually don't stack DoT's because the debuff space is more needed by other classes, especially necros.

I'm playing with the cripple proc now. The stun proc isn't going to work on mobs over 100, so I think the general answer to your question will be based on the content you're killing, but it's something we need to get a feel for.


With raid I am staying with the new aa slow, in group/solo I keep both slows up, since they are independent of each other if one is resisted I can immediatly cast the other..

Regarding pet block, I rarely use it.

Regarding the dots, on raids nothing has changed, I have two up now vs one but rarely cast them due to the slow refresh rate. Its pretty much the same in group/solo content also, IF every nuke is grayed out I will cast a dot other than they are up just because I don't have anything else that I can't live without.

I did change to the new cripple, like Nusa mentioned I rarely saw a mob stunned anyways so we will see how the cripple works.


Playing with a chanter bot my self. I found that cripple is void because the chanter slow overrides it.
As for the slow I gone with just the AA slow as in group I have chanter and on raids thier shammys.


Note that the slow AA is currently timer-linked with the bloodlust AA. Which is clearly a bug, and hopefully will get fixed soon. Most of you likely prefer to have the bloodlust AA available, so the slow AA isn't much use right now.



Seriously, I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out what key I accidently linked bloodlust to...thanks Nusa


It works fine. Send me a /tell in game and I'll explain how it works.


Quote from: stubar on May 23, 2013, 10:49:04 PM
It works fine. Send me a /tell in game and I'll explain how it works.

Ok, the mere fact you're being so mysterious about it made me think, and in the end I could only come up with one likely reason you don't want to explain here. And once I got to thinking that way, the method was obvious  to me and quickly tested and confirmed.

Bottom line, the linkage of Bloodlust and Slow is a bug exactly like I said. The reason Stubar is implying its fine like it is, is because it can also be exploited to bypass the Bloodlust lockout and thus use Bloodlust often and near-continuously. Crap like this gets used against us in the end, when someone parses a beastlord using exploits and whines about how broken we are. And being willing to share the exploit by word of mouth doesn't make hiding or using an obvious exploit the proper thing to do.


I know! I'm just terrible! How dare I do that!

I'm sure that you haven't taken advantage of it at least once, because you know how it works...even though you said I prompted you to test it. It's not like it's a secret or a game changer. I just prefer not to be a loud mouth about it and post it on forums. I'll let you take care of that. The devs know about and are going to address it, however it's been two patches AND I told them about it during beta. Looks like the devs are losing sleep over this one!

So you can't stand on you little soap box and tell people how bad they are by using this (and btw, the dps increase is MINIMAL---maybe 2k) and we'll all feel bad about ourselves (LAWLZ) and enjoy this while it lasts...because it won't last.

And as an FYI---/GU Findlewill in 42s, 6497k @154687 --- Stubar + pets 6497k. Bloodlust used once on that one. So as a DPS increase tool?? Zero F's given.

Bottom line, it's a fun thing. I'm not going to beat raid bosses solo with it, or T3 named.


In this case you did prompt me to test it, and I haven't taken advantage. The method was obvious to me because I've seen similar problems in years past, some of which were exploitable. Suggesting that just because it isn't fixed yet justifies using an obvious exploit isn't cool. What's your guilds policy on members that abuse exploits?


You're obliviously angry and hurt about something or other in regards to myself or RoI. Feel free to /report or send a PM to the guild leader if it makes you feel better. Some people always just feel they are better than others when it comes to "moral decisions" in a completely imaginary world (can you tell I'm not losing sleep over this??)

Sadly these boards are almost dead. I've offered advise, help and never called anyone out on these forums on anything until now.

We are all beastlords and are supposed to help one another, however If you have a vendetta or a hate on for me or RoI, so be it! You win! Deleting my account. You however may continue to offer dps advise (wait wut???) or help other player improve on their play (again wait wut???).

So enjoy looking down on the EQ world from your soap box! I'll be on the ground floor enjoying the game instead of preaching about what's wrong or right wishing I was as good as a beastlord as you!


That's a weird and pointless overreaction, but /shrug.


Stubaby, we're all bad people its ok, you only parsed 150k+ because of bloodlust though, don't try to deny it.. I know your shenanigans... about bloodlust though, if they cared they'd fix it but guess they don't care /gasp.. they've been told about it, its not huge either way you look at it adds minimal dps and we proc a shit load anyway, throw on lifetap weapons and go to town if you care enough to do so, or be lazy and pop a merc