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Story I made - by Dooma D'Gorte
« on: January 02, 2004, 02:53:16 AM »
I made this for my guild Roleplaying board. Just thought i would share it with you guys.

The History of Dooma D'Gorte

CLANG BANG CHING echoed throughout the small yet cozy Ogre home in Oggok. "Get up bruddah get up!" said a small girlish voice. CLANG BANG CHING "Com on...me wunna eet...Dooma!!" she complained. "Okie fine den" she said with a grunt, "Me gunna hav to werk harder to get yoo up". Dooma was wide awake, yet just playing around with his little sister Ganga. Dooma heard her footsteps as she came to his room again. "I gots a buket of cold watur Dooma...wake up or me is gunna dump it on yoo..." she said, Dooma showed no reaction to her threat. "Ok den...1...2..."

"RRRRROOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!" Dooma yelled out scaring his little sister! "HAR HAR HAR!!" he laughed as his soaking wet little sister stood there with an evil grin on her face. "Yoo tricked me bruddah! Me is gunna get yoo back!" "Har har okie but fer now lets get sum brekfast" Dooma said with a smile.

They lived in a cottage next to the Priest Of Discord in Oggok, there parents, Booma and Gobla, were not with them anymore. They were killed by Rangers scouting around the Feerrott long ago. They could have easily taken out four or five by themselves, yet there was about ten to 15 of them, more than they could handle. His father was Booma a Warrior and his mother, Gobla a Shaman. Dooma and Ganga got together very well. Yet as Dooma was making breakfast for his sister and him he thought about what he was going to do that day...yet nowhere in his thoughts had he dreamed about what was really going to happen.

It was a wonderful Tuesday morning. Dooma was finishing the breakfast while Ganga was setting the table. As he continued to cook the food Ganga started to hum a song she was taught by her mother as a child. Dooma began to hum along and not long afterwards they started singing loudly. Life was great for them.

Dooma placed the food on the table and said "Ganga yoo wunna sey da prayer?" "Of corse" She replied. As she opened her mouth to begin praying to Rallos Zek a horn was heard across the city. "Wut is dat?" Dooma asked. "Me dunno..." Ganga said. A larger Ogre in all plate armor with huge swords burst into there house "Paleskins! Everywhere outsyde we ar under atack! Come wit me qick! Com to sayfe place!" He said in a hurry. Dooma and his sister dropped there food and went with the larger Ogre.

"Okie stay here" He said. "Where are we?" Ganga wondered.
A few other Ogres were there. One of them said "Dis is da Craknek guld...dey trayne heer. Dis be da only sayfe place in da city." Many hours went by. Constantly wounded Ogres came in to rest and get ready to go back out, yet some went in there and didn't go back to the battlefield. "Fall Bak!!" An Ogre yelled. "They have flooded into da city! We gots no wey to win!" "I am scared Dooma" Ganga said pressing agaist him. "Me too Ganga". "Are we going to die?" She asked with a tear in her eye. Dooma looked at her and said quitely "I won't let you die". "Tanks big bruddah" she said.

"Close da doors into da Craknek Fortres! Now! Save da ones inside! Make shure dey no die! Get all da strong men to com out aund fite!" Dooma heard this and was frighted. "Com wit me now!" A ogre said to Dooma. "Why?" "We need mor! Com protect da Oggok!" "No!" he yelled "Me need to stey wit me sister!" "Pleeze we need mor to fite!"..."No!" he said again. "Fine den me make yoo com!" The ogre grabbed Dooma and pulled his away from his sister, this ogre was much stronger than Dooma and easily dragged him away. "Ganga! Stey dere! Me be bak!" He said to her. "Where yoo go Dooma!? Com bak!" By that time he was out of site, he went to the armory to be suited for the battle.

"Go get in yoo, get sum armur to fite!" The guard told Dooma. He walked in and saw many weapons and armor. Yet many other ogres ran around finding all the good armor and weapons first, knocking Dooma down as he was finding equipment as well. Soon the armory was empty. Dooma was alone still looking for armor, he already have a helmet and gauntlets. Now he was looking for a weapon. He walked around and found nothing, just a leather tunic and leggings. He began to look harder in the cold armory cave. Then he stepped on two peices of metal. He looked down to see two very well crafted, Ulaks. Now Ulaks were not a weapon that most ogres liked useing, they rather have a nice sword or hammer. Well Dooma found nothing else and gripped them, feeling like he has held them a thousand times. He walked out and onto the battle.

When he got to where the ogres were lined up, wave by wave, waiting to go in, an ogre, captain by the looks, came over and asked "Wut live yoo in?" he asked Dooma. "Me dunno jus got out of da armory." The captain laughed, "Thats what was in da armory? Bad armur and two pathetic Ulaks? Yoo tink yoo cen live with that in da fite?" He said rudely "This wuz all dat wuz left, now where duz me go?" "Har har okie den, go find Nagol Uggbe aund he wil tell yoo were to go." Dooma walked away without saying goodbye to the rude Ogre. He finally found Nogal after several minutes of looking. "Hmm...Yoo look...not very expyrenced in da combat ar yoo?" He asked Dooma "Wel...no me ever fite before" Nogal let out a large sigh "Okie den go in da line three, wen me call numbur three, yoo go out on fite wit udder ogres." "Okie tanks" Dooma said. He went over and stood in line three, there was many where around him laughing at his bad weapons and armor, yet all he could think about was his little sister...if she was ok...how long she would wait...and if she can find any food (it was almost lunch time and they didn't have any breakfast). "Line three! GO!" Nogal yelled. Dooma's heart pounded, he had never fought before. He went behind the rest of line three until he got out on the battlefeild.

Everywhere he looked there was blood and killing, he saw Paleskins, only people he has seen in books, never in person. Dwarfs, High Elfs, Wood Elfs, and Gnomes were all there, magic was being cast, arrows flying, and swords slashing. "Go go get out dere fite!" an ogre said as he pushed Dooma into the battle. A scream was heard from behind him, he turned around and a Paladin was coming at him with his larger sword behind his head, ready to slash Dooma right open. "For Faydwer!" he screamed as he approached the frightend ogre. "For da Oggok!" he spit out. The High Elf slashed his sword, Dooma dodged and kicked the Paladin sending his sword out of his hand, Dooma punched down with his sharp Ulak onto the High Elfs head, splitting his skull into two peices. Dooma pulled the Ulak out and felt a surge of power run threw his veins, he stood up and punched and kicked everywhere, he killed countless amouts of paleskins until, he felt a sharp pain in his right shoulder, he looked and was shot, the blood was flowing out and hurting, so he sneaked away from the battle and found a spot to rest far away from combat.

He sat next to a tree wondering about Ganga again. "Pleeze help me Rallos, heel my woond so me cen go bak to Ganga." he pleaded. "Not unless we kill her" a voice from behind him said. "wut? hoo is dere?" he asked, a small squad of Rangers came from behind the tree. "Ha look at the Ogre he is wounded, this will be easy. load your bows" he ordered. Dooma knew he was going to die, he did not move at all just sat there waiting for what is coming. It was pointless to try to save himself. "Alright now on three everyone...one...two..." and out of nowhere a bear jumped out from behind the Rangers, mauling three of them with his paws, the last one dropped his bow and arrow and ran. Then the bear went to a nearby bush, picked out a few herbs and put them on Doomas wound, stopping the bleeding and getting rid of some pain. "Tank yoo bear..." Dooma was almost speechless, most animals did not like Ogres. Dooma got up thanked the bear again and headed back towards the fight, the bear ran up behind me and grabbed Dooma's arm with his mouth, pulling him the other way. "What?" the bear motioned his head a direction "Yoo wunt me to folow yoo?" the bear nodded "Okie den." the ogre agreed and began to follow the bear.

He followed the bear for about an hour until they arrived at a small river, yet very deep. The bear hopped in a he followed in to find a an underwater cave, when he got to the other side he found it was a secret way into Oggok. And luckily, he lead him right in front of the Fortress. Dooma saw no paleskins around and headed in. As he walked in he saw dead Ogres everywhere all killed. He ran calling Ganga's named until he came into a room. "Dooma! I knoo yoo wuld com to get me!" Ganga said relieved, she was being held hostage by the same Ranger who ran away in the Feerrott. "So this is your sister eh? Dooma?" he said sarcasticly "It would be a shame if she died wouldn't it? I bet you would hate me alot for killing her." he continued. "Yes i wuld hate yoo..." he said with a grunt. "Dooma help me..." Ganga said. "Drop her Rangur, or me wil kil yoo" "Will you now? Well seems that i have the advantage, i am a much better fighter then you, and i have your sibling here, ready to kill." It was silent Dooma did not know what to do...he was trapped, knowhere to go and he couldn't just leave his sister there. "I am getting annoyed by this" the Ranger said as he swiftly delivered a fatal stab right in Ganga's heart, killing her fast and painless.

the Ranger let out a laugh "Well thats solves that. Now shall we fight then?" Dooma was unable to move, he just witnessed the murder of his own sister, his only family left in the world, dead. He was enraged and looked upon the smiling Ranger with fire in his eyes. "Yoo...will not leeve Oggok alive." Dooma said in a low voice and charged at him kicked him agaist the wall and held him there with his hand, the wood elf was unable to move his arms because of the Ogres large hands. Then he said something Dooma will never forget "For Oggok Dooma?" he said rudely with an evil grin upon his face. "No...For Ganga" Dooma responded with as he punched him in the chest, killing him in one hit. He walked out of the room, he couldn't look back at his sister dead. "Trolls Trolls ar heer finaly! We ar saved!" Many yelled. Dooma didn't care he had nothing to live for, he had no family, his friends had died fighting, nothing to live for, nothing.

Dooma and the bear sat down in a cave barely lit up. "Dooma?" a voice said from behind him. "Dats me" he resonded with "Me saw yoo fiteing, goud werk, yoo ar very skiled wit da Ulaks." "Tanks..."he said depressed. "Aund yoo hav made a bear frend? very goud." the voice said. "Yar we ar frends...he helped me in." There was a few moments of silence. "Wuld yoo like to becom a Beastlord? Dere are very few of us aund wuld like to hav yoo join us." Dooma thought for a second...he said yes because he had nothing to do...he knew these Beastlords traveled around all there life, plus Dooma felt he must get revenge on the wood elf Ranger master in Kelethin...the ranger who killed Ganga told Ganga, before Dooma walked in, that her head would look good in Trueshot's home (Trueshot is the leader of the Faydarks Champions in Kelethin, the Ranger trainer). "Goud yoo become Beastlord com wit me aund bring yur bear, we got lots of werk to do." Dooma got up and followed the Ogre deeper into the caves to begin his training.

Dooma's adventure still continues today...and this my friends is the History of Dooma D'Gorte